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1. Watch the Course

2. Discover Your Child's Design

3. Make Wise Education, Career, and Life Choices

Guiding your Child to Fulfill their Design is Challenging

Without knowing their design…

They can be frustrated in school by the subjects they study

and the way those subjects are delivered

You could spend tens of thousands of dollars at college discovering what ISN'T their design

They could end up living at home, taking any job just to make money to pay bills instead of thriving with all their aptitudes, skills, strengths and abilities fully engaged and being a blessing to those around them

The world's culture will gladly tell them who they are and what they should be

... making the 80, or so years they spend on this planet purposeless and dull.

What facets of my child's design will the 5 tools reveal?

Their Love Language

What is their primary method of communicating and receiving love

Their Spiritual Gifts

Which of the Biblical Spiritual Gifts

have been bestowed on them

What Kind of Smart They Are

Which of the 8 intelligences are
strongest in your child

How They Remember

When it comes to learning,
how do they best remember

Their Personality Type

Which of the 4 temperaments
are dominant in them

When you know your child's design you can make wise decisions about their education, career, and life making those 80 or so years purposeful and fulfilling!

How You Will Discover Your Child's Design

Join Aiming
Your Arrows

For just $99 you get access to the self-paced, online

Aiming Your Arrows Workshop.



Use The Tools

In this self-paced workshop we'll show you quickly how to use each tool then let you discover.


Make Wise

Capture your discoveries on a single summary page and refer to it as you make wise decisions about your child's education, career, and life.

Mrs. A., TX

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jurek,

I wanted to write and thank you so much for allowing my son and I to participate in your program, Aiming Your Arrows, scholastic and spiritual assessments for young people.  As a recently graduated high school senior with two years of college credit, our son has been searching for the proper direction to take in order to finish his college education and enter the workforce.

Because he is one of the younger students to have an Associate’s Degree, he was not as familiar with all of the career options that were available to him. As parents, we have been thoughtfully pursuing many career options and working with him to try to find careers that might suit him best, not just for the immediate future, but long-term as well. It would be fair to say that we were a little lost.

When I met you and I learned about your assessment tools, I knew that it was a divine appointment. We immediately signed up and met with Mr. Jurek, who described the multiple assessments and “brain games” in which my son would be able to participate. We were so eager to begin, we started right away. Our son completed all of the assessments and brain games, and then, we met with you a second time to learn the results.

I cannot overstate how perfectly the results of the assessment suited our son. From his spiritual gifts to his scholastic aptitude, your assessments encapsulated his personality, gifts, and spirituality beautifully. We were so encouraged to realize that we were on the right track with the career choices we were considering.

I hope that any parents who are wondering what might be a good avenue for their children to pursue, but aren’t quite sure yet, take the time to do these assessments with you and Mr. Jurek. The knowledge and confidence that can be obtained through this process is invaluable. Whether it informs of qualities you didn’t know, or confirms those you did know, it provides a solid base to build on which is priceless.

Thank you so much for sharing your ministry with our family. If I can help any other families who are considering your program by explaining it in more detail, please feel free to give them my email.

Thank you again, and God Bless,

Lena W., TX

Surprisingly, I found my problem in assessing which careers would be right for me was the lack of self-knowledge. The assessments provided by Aiming Your ARrows served as a fantastic tool for self analysis. By giving me insight into my personal skill set, I developed a realistic perspective on career potentiality. I appreciate the clear and concise results that can be easily referenced. Knowing where my strengths lie, and giving me the language to verbalize them, can certainly help me in promoting myself to potential employers. Walt Jurek, my adviser throughout the process, was also of great help in navigating the assessments. Another incredibly useful test was that of my learning style and preferred study environment. These assessments gave me an excuse to explore these facets of my academic career, the results of which I still apply to my studies today. Overall, the Aiming Your Arrows assessments gave me very valuable knowledge applicable to my academics going forward!"
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