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Gifts from God

By Tammie Jurek


Children are a gift from the Lord.... Like arrows in the hand of a warrior so are your children. Blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. Psalm 127. Unlike some gifts, children cannot be returned to the giver!

As a young momma of four children five years and younger I wanted to give back even for just a little while a few of my kids. It wasn’t easy adjusting to so many people in the house and as they grew older so did their personalities, attitudes, ways of thinking and well, at times it was just overwhelming!

It was in these moments of “will life ever get easier” that God sent some well-seasoned and godly women into my life to speak truth into what just didn’t seem to be working.

Of all the wonderful things that I have learned over the years, some of the tools I am about to share helped me the most to survive what I thought was the end of my world!

Did you know that there are no two people exactly alike? Check out Psalm 139. In God’s design He fashioned each one of us as a custom made, one of a kind, unique and magnificent image bearer of Himself. Translate that to your children and WOW! The more children you have, the more you can see the Master Designer’s creativity!

In our household, we had early risers, time conscious, completely compliant children. We also had sloppy, no sense of time, and completely out of control children. Some were introverts while others were extroverts. One didn’t like card games, but action games. Some liked to be read to while others couldn’t sit still long enough to get through an introduction of a book. They were all different!

We discovered early on assessments that helped us have a better perspective on our children. The ones we used with our kids we now teach in our 2D workshops. The five love languages, Personality test, the way they learn, the 8 smart intelligences, how they perceive information, and spiritual gift test. All of these have helped us over the years to better aim our children in the way God designed them.

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